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Thurso Marsh

Thurso Marsh
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Thurso Marsh is the first wetland restored by Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) in Quebec.

The project was designed to reduce some of the impacts of the construction and operation of the Carillon dam on the Ottawa River, a priority area for us. The marsh, located at the entrance of the Parc national de Plaisance in Outaouais, was built in 1974 and refurbished in 1990 with dams and a water control structure.

The marsh has an ideal arrangement of open water and emergent aquatic plants, providing a rich diversity of habitat and wildlife species. A scenic lookout and a bike path have also been built on the dike by SÉPAQ, to enable people to enjoy this magnificent site and observe the many species that it supports.

We are now managing this site annually to maintain its productivity.

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