Grasslands Resource Pack

Explore one of Canada’s most important and threatened ecosystems using our collection of grasslands resources

When you think of the world’s most endangered ecosystems, what comes to mind? At a quarter of their original size, Canada’s grasslands make the top of the list. And yet, they are one of our most important ecosystems, acting as powerful carbon sinks, preventing soil erosion and providing critical habitat for pollinators.

With the Grasslands Resource Pack, your students will journey to Western Canada and learn about the land we all live on. They will explore these incredible ecosystems, how Indigenous Peoples farmed in the past and how we can look toward the future with sustainable agriculture.

Grasslands Resource Pack

Introduction to Grassland Ecosystems

Module 1: Introduction to Grassland Ecosystems

The Introduction to Grassland Ecosystems explores what makes our grasslands special: how they came to be, how they’re managed, what unique species live there, how they support pollinators and how they work overtime to help us fight climate change. 

A History of Agriculture in Canada

Module 2: A History of Agriculture in Canada

Do your students know where their food comes from? Learn about how food was grown, farmed and changed in A History of Agriculture in Canada.  

Sustainable Agriculture to the Rescue

Module 3: Sustainable Agriculture to the Rescue

After exploring grasslands and the history of agriculture, let’s look to the future and how we can produce food sustainably for a growing population. 

Guardians of the Grasslands

Guardians of the Grasslands

This online, educational grazing simulation aims to teach students about the ecosystem services that are provided by raising cattle on grasslands including wildlife habitat, biodiversity and carbon sequestration, increasing their understanding of the benefits of beef production.