Forage Program


  • Landowners


Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

Whether you are a landowner who has cattle, leases your land out for grazing, or wants to convert cultivated acres to perennial cover, this program is for you.

The 2018 Forage Program from DUC and Nutrien is available now to producers within DUC’s critical habitat areas. So while you’re diversifying your land use for your farming operation, you’ll also be enhancing areas that can serve as safe nesting habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife.

Send your herd to the green side. Talk to the DUC and Nutrien representatives in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to learn more about offers in your area. It will put money back in your pocket and help make your land more productive.

Available in:

Craig Bishop
1-866-301-3825 ext. 1872
Download the Alberta forage program fact sheet

Jeremy Brown
306-445-2575 ext. 2
Download the Saskatchewan forage program fact sheet
Read the News Release: Forage Ahead with High-Quality Seed

Charlotte Crawley
Download the Manitoba forage program fact sheet