Revolving Land Conservation Program

Offered in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario

The Revolving Land Conservation Program (RLCP) provides an opportunity for farmers to have greater impact on the land to support conservation.

Through this program, DUC purchases land, restores its wetlands and grasslands and then makes it available to buyers on the real estate market with a conservation easement on the title. Proceeds from RLCP land sales go back into DUC programs to fund more conservation work. RLCP is an ideal fit for cattlemen in areas that have potential for high waterfowl nesting.

Contact us for details on land available in your area, or to talk to us about land you’re selling:

In Alberta: 1-866-479-3825,  Alberta listings

In Saskatchewan: 1-866-252-3825,

In Manitoba: 204-285-9779 or

In Ontario: 705-721-4444 or