Revolving Land Conservation Program


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Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan

Offered in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario

Are you looking for land? We have property available through our Revolving Land Conservation Program.

Under this program, we purchase land from landowners. We restore the property’s wetland and upland habitat, then place a conservation easement on the land title. That’s when the land becomes available for purchase to the agricultural community or the public. It’s time to get the land back to work, while safeguarding its valuable wetland functions and natural ecosystems.

Proceeds from land sales are used to fund other securement and restoration projects in the area.

Contact us for details on land available in your area, or to talk to us about land you’re selling:

In Alberta: 1-866-479-3825

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In Saskatchewan: 1-866-252-3825, or

In Manitoba: 204-729-3500 or

In Ontario: 705-721-4444 or

Program Spotlight: ATB Financial Legacy Fund

An innovative partnership with ATB Financial is helping DUC’s Revolving Land Conservation Program deliver results on the Alberta landscape for the next decade. This unique financing arrangement allowed DUC to create the “ATB Financial Legacy Fund.” ATB’s support is helping to secure an estimated 60 projects and nearly 9,500 acres of important wetland habitat across the province.

Read how this program helped the Roper family establish their conservation legacy.