Barry Corbet honoured as DUC's Volunteer of the Year for British Columbia — Ducks Unlimited Canada
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Barry Corbet honoured as DUC’s Volunteer of the Year for British Columbia

“Barry’s dedication and commitment to Ducks Unlimited makes him a volunteer champion,” say Laurence Peck, DUC’s manager of events and volunteer relations in British Columbia. “I've done six events with Barry and he truly is a great volunteer full of passion for DUC.”

April 24, 2017
Barry Corbet honoured as DUC’s Volunteer of the Year for British Columbia
DUC's Volunteer of the Year for British Columbia, Barry Corbet.©DUC

Barry Corbet moved to Kamloops, B.C in 1980. He became friends with members of the DUC dinner committee, and they soon invited him join. Corbet thought it would be a good way to establish some new friendships while contributing to a cause he believes in.

“Volunteering makes me feel happy to give back and support the environment that I enjoy as an outdoorsman,” says Corbet.

During his years as DUC volunteer, Corbet has assumed many roles, including fundraising dinner committee treasurer, chairman and sponsor chair. He has also been involved with the Ladies Committee dinner as treasurer, volunteered at sporting clay events and organized many Greenwing Days.

“Barry’s fellow committee members say he’s a one-of-a-kind volunteer who strives to make the chapter great and also likes to get the younger generation involved in DUC,” says Peck.

Corbet enjoys recruiting new members to the committees, especially for the Kamloops dinner and Greenwing Day committees.

“My favourite memories volunteering are with Greenwing Days,” says Corbet. “I used to take my children, now they come as volunteers and bring their children.”

Corbet looks forward to maintaining a connection with youth and finding younger volunteers to take it forward for years to come.

“It would be wonderful to see all Canadians interested in being good stewards of our lands and the resources in the world,” says Corbet. “Anyone who is interested in the conservation cause and can follow through with commitments could make a good DUC volunteer.”