Candace Franke honoured as DUC's Volunteer of the Year for Saskatchewan — Ducks Unlimited Canada
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Candace Franke honoured as DUC’s Volunteer of the Year for Saskatchewan

“When you see the end result of what DUC does, it’s not hard to be a part of that,” says Candace Franke.

April 24, 2017
Candace Franke honoured as DUC’s Volunteer of the Year for Saskatchewan
Candace Franke, DUC's Volunteer of the Year for Saskatchewan. ©DUC

“You can drive around and see the projects and what has been done. You realize you’re part of something bigger.”

Franke has been a DUC volunteer for 21 years, serving the past 17 years on the Saskatoon Ladies Committee, 15 of these as committee chair. She also served on the Saskatoon Social Event Committee and the Saskatoon Sponsor Event Committee.

“Candace bleeds green,” says Keith Mackintosh, DUC’s provincial manager of events and volunteer relations for Manitoba and Saskatchewan. “She’s a leader who’s willing to do anything that will benefit DUC. Her passion for the cause is second to none.”

Franke joined the DUC board of directors on the membership and revenue committee in 2009, serving for several years. Among her volunteer accomplishments, Franke has been top ticket seller, gift in-kind and cash donation gatherer. Last year, she secured two bronze sponsors and $5,000 sponsorship.

She’s channeled her passion for conservation despite her lymphoma diagnosis several years ago. “It was really a difficult process. I struggled to put all my energy into continuing on, because it was the one thing that really mattered to me.”

“Candace keeps things balanced and moving forward,” says Mackintosh. “Her continued commitment to the Ladies Committee through personal and family health issues is a true inspiration for all volunteers.”

Franke believes dedication makes a good volunteer, and she plans to continue setting this example.

“I know I can`t save the world, but I think my story and my commitment and my passion could certainly impact other people. Not just because I’m female, but I`m a Canadian that cares for the land and water that we have and the conservation of it. And that does matter when an average Canadian starts thinking about our children’s children. How we look at the world today has to include the future.”