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Forging relationships to forge ahead

Cathy Gulka named DUC Volunteer of the Year in Saskatchewan

April 20, 2020

Cathy Gulka’s involvement with DUC stretches back 17 years. When her local White Butte Committee had setbacks, Gulka’s exceptional dedication and ability to inspire others shone through.

In early 2019, the White Butte committee experienced a challenge when an extended family of volunteers retired, dropping the volunteer roster from 16 down to two. Gulka took the lead and was midway through planning their March banquet, when the sudden loss of a friend and supporter also put the event in question. With guidance from her community, Gulka carried on, single-handedly selling close to 200 tickets and delivering an event with the highest net return in four years.

Gulka’s team-building spirit has been a large part of her committee’s success. Volunteers from five different committees— friends Gulka had cultivated through past volunteer workshops—joined forces to help White Butte’s 2019 event proceed.

Gulka’s natural ability to build partnerships is largely responsible for a still-thriving local event. She recruited new committee members for the 2020 event and has successfully engaged local businesses as sponsors and/or donors.

Too humble for the spotlight, the accomplishments listed on Gulka’s nomination gave us plenty of reasons to quack her praises on her behalf during National Volunteer Week. To Gulka and other community leaders  just like her: congratulations and thank you!