Honouring our community during National Volunteer Week
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Honouring our community during National Volunteer Week

A message from DUC CEO Karla Guyn

April 21, 2020

The strength and resilience of DUC’s community has never been more apparent, or important, than it is now. During the past several weeks, we’ve leaned on each other as we navigate the challenges of COVID-19. Today, our hearts are with friends, family and colleagues in Nova Scotia and across Atlantic Canada who are grappling with this weekend’s tragic events.

Our 5,200 volunteers are the heart of our community and are providing us with tremendous support as we find a new path forward. At the same time, they’re stepping up in unique and thoughtful ways to bolster their cities, towns, neighbourhoods, clubs and causes that are important to them. For these generous and caring people, volunteering is more than just giving back. It’s their way of life.

This week is National Volunteer Week, an opportunity to honour how truly special they are. I encourage you to visit our National Volunteer Week webpage where we celebrate some outstanding members of our volunteer team. This includes John Johnston, an incredible 41-year volunteer from New Brunswick who has been recognized as our National Volunteer of the Year. It includes Amy Smith, a passionate volunteer from Nova Scotia whose strong community spirit is providing strength during this time of loss. It includes people from every corner of our great country. Each is a testament to the generous spirit that exists within all DUC volunteers.

Together, our volunteers are committed fundraisers, donors, brand ambassadors and community leaders who bring our conservation work to life. During National Volunteer Week, and indeed every week of the year, we’re humbled to travel this journey with them.