Leaving a legacy

Paying homage to Murray Bercovich

October 02, 2017
Leaving a legacy

As we enjoy the sights and sounds of migrating flocks of ducks and geese this fall, we can pause to give thanks to the people who have committed their time and resources to ensure waterfowl have the natural areas they need to breed, thrive and survive.

People like Murray Bercovich of Regina, Saskatchewan.

An avid outdoorsman, Bercovich is known for his volunteer service and significant contributions to wetland conservation not only in his home province, but all over Canada.

A DUC supporter for 40 years, Bercovich also served as a volunteer for more than 25 years in his community. He served as a DUC director from 1995 to 2005 and then as an emeritus director. Passionate about conservation, his ongoing goal as a DUC volunteer was to raise awareness in Saskatchewan, Canada and the U.S. about the environmental benefits of giving to wildlife conservation in general, and waterfowl conservation in particular. He was a driving force behind the creation of DUC’s Habitat Fund for Our Heritage program in 1999. Today, the program is called “The Habitat Heritage Program” and affords donors the options to recognize significant life events by making gifts in celebration or in memoriam. It’s estimated that the program has raised more than $500,000 dollars for conservation to date.

Concern for the future of conservation also drove Bercovich’s early support of DUC’s education programs.

Murray Bercovich passed away on September 29, 2017. DUC and Canada’s entire conservation community has lost a great leader and a loyal friend. So when the honks and quacks of waterfowl carry on the cool autumn breezes, we’ll remember and appreciate a man who left his unique mark and legacy for these and future generations to enjoy.