Help Save Wetlands

Right now, Ducks Unlimited Canada is working across the country to save our most precious habitats. This requires crucial investments into conservation, research, education and policy. We need all the help we can get to continue this essential work.

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Every program we deliver is rooted in sound science. Our conservation efforts begin in your backyard, extend across the country and cover the entire continent. We are transparent and trustworthy. We are creative and collaborative. We have nearly eight decades of success that lives in the hearts and minds of people who share our love for the outdoors. There are many ways to support our conservation mission, and you can choose which fits best.

Ways to Give


Your financial contribution will help support habitat conservation, research, public policy and education.

Shop to Support

Every purchase from our online store contributes to wetland conservation.


A little competition goes a long way. Bid in our online auction for exclusive DUC merchandise.

Sealed Bid Art Auction

Place your bid—if it’s the highest once the bidding closes, get the print for that price.

Leave Your Legacy

The conservation spirit lives within you. Let it be your legacy today, tomorrow and forever.

Supporter Benefits

Give back to DUC (and give back to yourself) through our supporter benefits.

Get Involved


Join our volunteer family to gain experience, meet new people and have fun while making a difference in conservation.


Our environment can’t speak for itself. Help spread our message to ensure our efforts have lasting momentum.

Attend an Event

Make lasting memories while supporting wetland conservation. Attend one of our events in your area.

Stay in Touch

Sign up for our eDUC newsletter to stay informed about the latest DUC news in your area.

Other Ways to Help

Become a Partner

Give back to your community and environment by becoming a DUC partner. Social responsible is good for business—and it feels good, too.

Become a Major Donor

Major donations are vital to our work. Donate as an individual, corporation or foundation to take a big step forward with us in conservation.

Share the Land

Find out more about our landowner programs. We’ll help you make a profit while integrating sustainable practices into your land.

Submit to our National Art Portfolio

Apply to be selected for our National Art Portfolio for a chance to raise money with your artwork while receiving national exposure and recognition.

Product Donations

We appreciate receiving gifts-in-kind to support wetland conservation. Examples include land, artwork and merchandise suitable for our events or raffles.

Morphy Auctions

Donate revenue from your historical collectibles to DUC through our partnership with Morphy Auctions.