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2022 Annual Report: Pathways to Sustainability

Ducks Unlimited Canada’s impact is about more than the number of acres on the ground, ducks in the air or charitable dollars raised for our mission. As a conservation leader, we have an opportunity—and a responsibility—to set positive examples of corporate sustainability that impact the health, wealth and well-being of the country.

Our progress Our results are creating large, landscape-level impact that’s supporting wildlife, advancing sustainability and contributing to climate resiliency.

Nationwide conservation results (Cumulative; as of March 31, 2022)

For 84 years and counting, DUC has been the premier conservation organization the nation looks to for leadership.

We’re active in every province and territory, working locally to conserve, restore and manage some of the most valuable — and vulnerable — natural habitats including wetlands, grasslands and forests.

12,329 Habitat projects

6.2 million Acres conserved
(Including 3.1 million acres restored)

228.1 million Acres influenced

Annual conservation progress and planning2022 Goals2022 Results2021 Results2021 Results
Habitat acres conserved116,932109,062128,728108,274
(includes acres restored)
Habitat acres influenced4.1 million33.7 million4.9 million24.0 million


A parcel of land that DUC is responsible for protecting and managing.



Areas DUC is directly protec-ting through habitat programs such as land purchases, management agreements and conservation easements.



Areas that were previously lost or degraded, returned to their natural state and protected by DUC conservation work.



Areas DUC is impacting through partnerships and policy work.

Investing your funds effectively

Our goal is to invest 80 per cent of our expenditures in habitat conservation annually. In the 2022 fiscal year, DUC invested 88 per cent in habitat conservation.
2022 Goals2022 Results2021 Results2020 Results
(includes capitalized land purchases)
89% investment
88% investment
90% investment
82% investment

What can $50 do?

When you give $50 to DUC, we can conserve an area of wetlands equal in size to an average home. That habitat can store five tonnes of carbon and 41,000 litres of water, providing cleaner air and water. It’s incredible how quickly your impact can add up to make a lasting difference!

Matching your donations, multiplying your impact

DUC is fortunate to have many conservation partners who provide donation matching. We’re able to match donations made by Canadians up to three times, which multiplies the impact of your gift.
SOURCES OF REVENUE (millions)202220212020
Government Grants$55.5$43.3$42.1
Fundraising Revenue*$8.0$8.1$15.7
Program Revenue$18.2$21.0$20.0
Non-Government Partnerships$14.9$16.0$10.1
Investment Income (Loss)$9.8$32.6($7.1)
*Includes gift-in-kind donations DUC also leveraged lines of credit for our Revolving Land Conservation Program of $5.4 million in 2022, $10.5 million in 2021 and $13.6 million in 2020.

Our five star charity rating

DUC is proud to be recognized as a five-star Canadian charity, the highest rating awarded by Charity Intelligence. This rating is reserved for the top 100 highest-rated charities and is based on objective measures covering the following categories:

  • Financial transparency
  • Results reporting
  • Demonstrated impact
  • Need for funding
  • Cents to the cause
By directing funds in ways that produce the greatest conservation impact, every donor can take pride in knowing that they’re making a difference in their backyard — and beyond.
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Saving wetlands is Canada’s unique and urgent responsibility. Canadians hold the fate of one of the world’s most important ecosystems in our hands.

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