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World Wetlands Day: We All Need Wetlands

Join us in celebrating the incredible ways wetlands and nature make life better for everyone!

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Every February 2nd, World Wetlands Day shines a spotlight on these vital ecosystems

Led by the Secretariat of the Convention on Wetlands, this day marks the 1971 signing of the international Convention on Wetlands.

Even with these commitments, 35% of the world’s wetlands have disappeared. Biodiversity loss and climate change have put the planet on life support. The key to global recovery is in our hands. When we work together to protect and restore wetlands, the world becomes a safer, healthier place.

When we save natural areas like wetlands, the world becomes a happier place, too. A scientific study published in 2019 showed that spending at least two hours per week in nature is associated with good health and wellbeing—and in a recent online survey commissioned by Ducks Unlimited Canada, 90% of respondents claimed that time in nature improves their mood, reduces their stress, and supports physical exercise.

Paddling solo in a boreal wetland.

Things to do when visiting wetlands in winter to celebrate World Wetlands Day

Don’t let winter stop you from enjoying wetland landscapes on this World Wetlands Day (or any other day)!

Even blanketed in ice and snow, wetlands are beautiful places to explore, relax and connect with the outdoors. Treat yourself (and a friend) to a day in nature at one of these wonderful wetland destinations.

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Nature photography bring your camera or phone to capture the beauty of the season

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Stargazing bundle up on a clear evening to experience the splendor of the night sky in winter

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Birding watch for resident species and migratory birds like snowy owls that may winter in your area

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Geocaching check to plan a fun and challenging treasure hunt

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Picnicpack your thermos and treat a friend to lunch in one of Canada’s finest settings

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Community scienceupload your nature sightings to iNaturalist and learn about the things you see

Exciting Developments in 2024

The year 2024 is especially important for Ducks Unlimited Canada’s work in Canada’s natural landscapes.

We are striving to meet an ambitious goal to conserve, restore and influence more than 15 million acres of wetlands and other habitats across the country.

Canada is home to nearly one quarter of the world’s remaining wetlands—what an opportunity to lead the world in protecting nature! With your help, we’re driving the effort to conserve them and rejuvenate Canada’s natural environment.

We all need wetlands.

Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area
What is a wetland?

Listen to “Wetlands for Wellness” by Little Symphony

Even when you can’t get out to visit a beautiful wetland, you can experience the calming effects of nature by tuning into the new “Wetlands for Wellness” playlist by Little Symphony on Spotify! Listen now to enjoy relaxing sounds from wetlands, grasslands, forests and wildlife, and feel great knowing that 80 per cent of streaming revenue from the playlist will be donated to support habitat conservation.

What is a wetland?

What is a wetland?

Learn what defines a wetland and discover the different types of wetlands in Canada.



Canada’s wetlands are diverse, taking the form of marshes, bogs, fens, swamps &open water. Wetlands benefit waterfowl, wildlife and people.


Wetland type quiz

Test your knowledge on wetland types with our fast and fun quiz.

Wetlands, our climate champions

Test your knowledge on wetlands, nature's climate champions.

How you can help

Your recurring donation is one of the best ways to make a lasting difference! For as little as $5 per month, you can help create a future filled with nature, wildlife and climate-resilient communities. Better still, your donation is matched by our conservation partners—up to three times—to multiply the habitat we can save with your generous gift!

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