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Ducks Unlimited Canada’s statement on firearms

Firearms regulations and legislation are complicated issues. At times, they can be divisive. DUC remains steadfast and focused on our mission of wetland conservation that supports all outdoor lifestyles.

DUC does not direct resources toward the influence of firearm or hunting legislation unless the legislation is clearly and directly related to waterfowl habitat conservation. However, we will always proudly celebrate the country’s hunting community. Waterfowl hunters are an integral part of our heritage—and our future. Hunting is a way to connect with nature and develop an appreciation for wetlands and the need to conserve them.

Within Canada’s conservation community, DUC’s role is clear. We conserve and restore habitat. Other organizations, including provincial wildlife associations and hunting groups, address issues related to firearms. This partnership serves us well and has led to incredible conservation achievements across the country, including the 6.2 million acres of habitat under DUC’s care across the country.

We trust our supporters will hold themselves to the highest standards of gun safety, hunting ethics, and responsible firearms ownership and use.