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Action Chelsea for the Respect of the Environment acquires the Hundred Acres Forest, in partnership with Ducks Unlimited Canada

August 01, 2022 Québec
One of the ecosystems in the Hundred Acre Forest
One of the ecosystems in the Hundred Acre Forest © DUC

Quebec, August 1, 2022 — Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is proud to announce that it has acted as a financial partner with Action Chelsea for the Respect of the Environment (ACRE) in the acquisition of a 40.47 hectare property. Located in the municipality of La Pêche, in the Outaouais region, the acquired lots were susceptible to major development pressures that would have significantly altered their ecological value. The mature mixed forests and wetlands found in this area support the movement of multiple animal and plant species, including the Canada lynx and the black bear. The property includes two small wetlands, which provide potential breeding, foraging and hiding sites for reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects and small mammals. This acquisition also makes these lands accessible to the public for non-motorized outdoor activities.

This important $1.8-million conservation project was made possible thanks to the financial involvement of the Parks Canada Agency, the Fondation de la faune du Québec, the National Capital Commission, the Municipality of La Pêche, the Leacross Foundation, several community donations and a contribution from Minnes Corporation through the Ecological Gifts Program. This project was also made possible by $53-million in funding over four years from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MECC) to the Nature Conservancy of Canada for the Natural Environment Partnership Project. Additional funding was provided by the Government of Canada through the Natural Heritage Conservation Program (NHCP) of the Nature Trust of Canada.

An ecological corridor

The land is adjacent to Gatineau Park, the largest natural area in Canada’s Capital Region. It has been identified as a priority area because it is part of an ecological corridor located between the park and the Gatineau River, the northeast corridor of the park. These corridors provide essential connectivity on a regional scale, necessary for the persistence of biodiversity. They help keep the park connected to the regional landscape, so that it does not become an island isolated by development.


“ACRE is proud to work closely with the community of Wakefield and the citizens of the Outaouais to protect the environment and ensure access to nature for local communities. The Hundred Acres Forest brings together almost all of our conservation concerns: ecological corridor protection, forest restoration, old growth and other habitats, access to nature, and carbon storage,” said Bronwyn Rayfield, ACRE Director.

“DUC is proud to have acted as a facilitator in making this acquisition a reality, which was made possible by the commitment and tenacity of ACRE. This action once again positions DUC as a leading partner for Quebec conservation organizations. This project shows that DUC plays a crucial role in the protection of threatened and vulnerable species in Quebec, such as the meadowlark, which was observed in the Hundred Acres Forest,” said Sébastien Rioux, Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Manager of Provincial Operations in Quebec.

“The municipal council of La Pêche is proud to have contributed to the preservation of the Hundred Acre Forest through our municipal green fund. Thanks to the work of ACRE and its volunteers, this forest located in the heart of Wakefield will remain a peaceful place for wildlife and citizens. I congratulate ACRE and all the community members who supported the project,” said Guillaume Lamoureux, Mayor, La Pêche.

“The Hundred Acres Forest has a high ecological value and is facing various threats that could affect its long-term preservation. This property is located in a strategic area for its conservation as it is part of a large park’s peripheral zone. Protecting this corridor will help ensure the sustainability of wildlife habitats and ecological functions at the local and regional levels. It represents an important link in the protection of natural environments in perpetuity, allowing for the maintenance of a link between the park’s conservation areas and the Gatineau River,” said Christine Bélanger, Senior Manager, Programs and Development, Fondation de la faune du Québec

Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is a leader in wetland conservation. As a registered charity, DUC works with government, industry, non-profit organizations and landowners to conserve wetlands that are vital to waterfowl, wildlife and the environment.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is the nation’s leading force for nature conservation. Through the permanent conservation of vast areas, NCC is addressing the twin crises of rapidly declining biodiversity and climate change. As a trusted partner, NCC works with individuals, communities, businesses and governments to protect and care for our most important natural areas. Since 1962, NCC has mobilized Canadians to conserve and restore over 15 million hectares. In Quebec, nearly 50,000 hectares have been protected. NCC is a registered charity. With nature, NCC creates a prosperous way. For more information:

The Partenariat pour les milieux naturels project (PPMN) is a four-year grant of more than $53 million to NCC from MELCC. It provides support for initiatives to protect significant natural areas through financial partnerships with conservation organizations in the province. The PPMN aims to develop and consolidate the Quebec network of protected areas located on private land.

The Land Trusts Conservation Fund (LTCF) is a public-private partnership designed to advance the protection of private lands within some of the country’s most precious natural landscapes.

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