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2019 Desktop Calendar Downloads

Free calendar images for your computer background, from Ducks Unlimited Canada.

May 26, 2019

Stay on time and celebrate nature. Download calendar images from DUC for free, for your computer desktop. There’s a conservation-inspired calendar image for every month of the year—available in various formats to suit your screen size.

DUC’s Monthly Calendar Downloads

December 2019 Calendar Images

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December 2019

Thanks to the albedo effect, seasonal snowpack in Canada’s wetlands regulates climate and protects us from extreme temperatures year-round. In a beautiful paradox, frozen wetlands help cool the Earth’s surface by reflecting solar energy back into the atmosphere and insulating the ground from heat and moisture loss.

DUC’s Monthly Calendar Downloads

November 2019 Calendar Images

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November 2019

In the 1930s, North American hunters observed a sharp decline in migrating waterfowl and quickly learned the link between lost wetland habitat and Canada’s vanishing wildlife. These early conservationists organized DUC to restore and protect wetlands. Their founding principles continue to guide our conservation work today.

October 2019 Calendar Images

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October 2019

Waterfowl have long been an essential part of the Canadian experience. For some, they are a sight to admire through a camera lens; for others, they are an integral part of the fall harvest. Waterfowl that nest in Canada’s wetlands are also important to people beyond our borders, as they migrate and distribute throughout the United States and Mexico.

September 2019 Calendar Images

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September 2019

During the ice-free period from July to November on Canada’s Arctic tundra, pregnant and female polar bears move their cubs inland. Here they occupy wetland habitats, building dens in the peat where they keep cool and conserve energy over the summer fast.

August 2019 Calendar Images

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August 2019

Lost wetland habitat is among the most devastating plights facing bees, butterflies, birds and other pollinating animals, and this affects us. Reduced pollinator populations threaten sustainable production of crops we enjoy, including fruit, veggies, grains, nuts and seeds.

July 2019 Calendar Images

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July 2019

Wetlands filter pollutants from water, while retaining important nutrients, organic matter and sediments in our soil. This purification process ensures we have continued access to clean, fresh water that’s safe for drinking, growing food, cooking, cleaning, creations – and sustaining Canada’s wildlife.

June 2019 Calendar Images

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June 2019

Canada’s wetlands clean the water we enjoy at our many beaches, lakes and rivers, which in turn provide the natural spaces that give rise to our favorite leisure pursuits. Canoeing, hiking, hunting, fishing and photography are some of the benefits Canadians enjoy all summer long, thanks to our hardworking wetlands.

May 2019 Calendar Images

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May 2019

Wetlands protect our communities from flood and drought, keeping us healthy and safe. Runoff from spring melt fills natural wetland reservoirs, including marshes, bogs, fens and swamps. By storing and controlling the release of water to the land, our wetlands stop flooding and temper the effects of drought.

April 2019 Calendar Images

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April 2019

Canadians annually revel in the spectacle of “V” formations across our skies as flocks of Canada geese return for another breeding season. The return of these tightly bonded families to their original nesting grounds is a signature marker for the long-anticipated start of spring.

March 2019 Calendar Images

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March 2019

Canada’s wetlands are vitally important to the health and accessibility of our freshwater supply, and yet they are among our most threatened ecosystems. For World Water Day, this March 22, consider your personal connection to Canada’s wetlands, and how you can help make them last.

February 2019 Calendar Images

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February 2019

More than 90 per cent of Canada’s wetlands are peatlands. Peat-covered wetlands dominate areas with poor or slow drainage, occurring in northern and permafrost regions. Composed of dense vegetation and slowly-decaying organic matter, peatlands have the critically important job of taking carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil. This is helping to mitigate climate change.

January 2019 Calendar Images

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January 2019

Much of our shared Canadian identity is tied to the benefits of wetlands. They’re along the shores of our rivers and lakes and nestled in the boreal forest. They fill depressions in the Prairie Pothole Region, Canadian Shield and Arctic tundra, and they form pools near the shallow bays and inlets of our ocean coastlines. Whether fluid or frozen, Canada’s wetlands provide a diverse and seasonally changing landscape to enjoy and explore year-round.

Calendar image files for future months will be uploaded in early 2019. For more images from Ducks Unlimited Canada, follow us on Instagram.