2019 National Art Portfolio — Ducks Unlimited Canada
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Ducks Unlimited Canada releases the 2019 National Art Portfolio

The 2019 National Art Portfolio is a collection of memorable moments that highlight the importance of Canada’s natural environment to our Canadian lifestyles

February 27, 2019
DUC's 2019 National Art Portfolio.
DUC's 2019 National Art Portfolio. © DUC

Connecting Canadians with the benefits of conservation is central to the DUC National Art Portfolio.

“Among our greatest challenges in wetland conservation is transforming how people relate to the natural world,” says Karla Guyn, CEO of Ducks Unlimited Canada.

“Artists have a unique ability to evoke people’s feelings about the importance of our land, water and wildlife. They are strong proponents of conservation and their artwork is a powerful tool for building appreciation and support for wetland conservation in Canada.”

The 2019 National Art Portfolio collection

“Each year DUC receives hundreds of submissions,” says Guyn. “We select pieces that we feel can inspire Canadians to reflect on their own experiences in nature and to embrace wetland conservation within their lives.”

The 2019 National Art Portfolio Collection includes:

DUC has been partnering with artists on the National Art Portfolio since 1986. The annually-released collection is up for auction with proceeds funding DUC’s conservation work. Canadians can bid on pieces in the collection now.

2019 NAP Collection

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