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DUC's Ontario offices migrate

We say goodbye to Barrie and Kingston offices and hello to a new way of working

March 12, 2021
Spring ducklings on the move!
Spring ducklings on the move! © DUC

We’re changing the way we work in Ontario. The provincial team has gone low carbon and paperless—and office-less too. But don’t worry, it’s still easy to find us.

Like many of you, we exchanged our usual workplaces last year for a digital journey that took us from landowners’ kitchen tables to our own kitchen tables, where some of us were juggling laptops, cell phones and sippy cups.

Despite the challenges, we met (and exceeded) our 2020 conservation targets in Ontario. We discovered that we can work in a distributed network and continue to thrive—with considerable cost savings that make us feel fantastic about maximizing your support.

It became clear that less office overhead will mean more ducks overhead.

DUC moved its Ontario workforce to remote offices

We’re off the kitchen table now. Staff have set up functional workspaces in their homes linked by the sophisticated virtual networks led from our national office. We’ve said good-bye to our offices in Kingston and Barrie, and we’ve connected with business centres where we’ll rent office and meeting space as needed. Our nest boxes and other equipment are stored at new, secure facilities.

We could make this leap because of years of work already in hand: digitizing the organization’s work processes and project file management, moving to digital signatures on contracts, and cracking down on those office paper hoarders (you know who you are!).

We’re ready for the great future for wetland conservation ahead in Ontario. Follow our work on the DUC website where you’ll find stories, news, program updates, events, announcements and more.

Contact information

Call 705-721-4444

Many Ontario staff have new telephone numbers. If you have any problem reaching staff, contact us at the above number so we can connect you again. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Email du_barrie@ducks.ca or du_kingston@ducks.ca

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Provincial office:

Ducks Unlimited Canada

92 Caplan Avenue, Suite 636

Barrie, Ont. L4N 9J2

Kingston office:

Ducks Unlimited Canada

1020 Bayridge Drive, Suite 103

Kingston, Ont. K7P 2S2