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Pacific Coast, Wetlands

Escape to the estuary

Take a tour of some of B.C.’s most valuable natural habitat.

December 13, 2017
Escape to the estuary
Cowichan-Koksilah Estuary. ©DUC

The Cowichan-Koksilah Estuary is one of the largest estuaries in British Columbia. It is home to more than 230 species of birds throughout the year, and provides vital food and habitat for thousands of migrating and wintering waterfowl over the cold months. It is also important habitat for salmon and other fish species.

The early years saw a loss of habitat due to development, but DUC is pleased to show its partnerships with government and other non-government organizations, formed almost 40 years ago, have blossomed into sustainable habitat for waterfowl, fish and other wildlife.