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Conservation synergy

Partnerships are vital in Quebec for waterfowl, wildlife and people

June 14, 2016
Conservation synergy
An aerial view of conserved wetlands along Quebec’s South River, within an intensive agricultural landscape. © DUC

The scope of DUC’s wetland conservation work often requires major investments. It can be a feat to enlist the financial support from a variety of partners to fund a project, especially during difficult economic times. That’s why DUC is fortunate to count the Fondation de la faune du Québec (Foundation) among its Eastern Habitat Joint Venture (EHJV) partners.

The Government of Quebec created the Foundation in 1984 to reduce the significant loss of wildlife habitat areas and to improve the quality of aquatic and terrestrial habitats in the province. More than 60 per cent of the Foundation’s funding comes from fees paid by Quebec anglers, hunters and trappers when they buy their annual licences. The Foundation also seeks funding from other private financial partners and the public to increase the amount of aid available to all conservation organizations.

Given their respective habitat conservation missions, the natural linkages between DUC and the Foundation were apparent from the start. In 1986, the Foundation and DUC aligned their skills and expertise to acquire and restore the Léon-Provancher Marsh near Quebec City. The site is frequented by waterfowl and nature lovers.

The Foundation’s contributions over the years have played an indispensable role in many DUC projects. These include land acquisitions in Lake Saint-Pierre, in the South River in the Montérégie and in the chain of marshes along the Ottawa River.

Many of DUC’s restoration activities have also benefited from the partnership’s financial and technical synergies, from the Abitibi (Antoine Marsh) to L’Isle-Verte to Lake St. Pierre (St. Barthélemy, Baie-du-Febvre) and Lavallière Bay. In total, the Foundation has contributed $1.26 million of the almost $6 million invested by DUC and other EHJV partners to promote conservation of some 20 sites covering more than 815 acres (330 hectares) of habitat.

“Ducks Unlimited has been a major partner for the Foundation,“ says André Martin, CEO of the Foundation. “The complementary actions and funding developed between the Foundation and DUC has contributed greatly to improving the wetlands of southern Quebec, as well as management techniques, in favour of multiple species and users who frequent these precious environments.”