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Vote for wetlands: make your voice heard

A few minutes of your time could make a world of difference for Saskatchewan's wetlands.

March 01, 2016
Vote for wetlands: make your voice heard
Conserved wetlands in Saskatchewan. © DUC

Wetlands are important to us all. With the provincial election nearing on April 4th DUC is encouraging Saskatchewan politicians to put wetland conservation at the forefront of the campaign.

DUC believes Saskatchewan needs a policy that protects our remaining wetlands and adequately mitigates for their loss when development occurs.

You too can be part of the democratic process by asking your local candidates what they will do to save our wetlands. DUC has made it very easy for you to get involved. Just go to There you will find a prepared letter asking candidates to state their policies on wetland drainage. The letter is ready to send – just enter your name and mailing address.

Here in Saskatchewan our sloughs, marshes, potholes, swamps and ponds make up a natural network of wetlands. You might not think about them very often, if at all, yet wetlands, sprinkled throughout our province, help to maintain and improve our water quality and our way of life.

When wetlands are drained and cultivated, carbon from the soil is released, contributing to global climate change. Wetlands act as Mother Nature’s kidneys – filtering the water and capturing nutrients, like phosphorus and nitrogen, which can cause eruptions of harmful algal blooms. Many wetlands are important for fish spawning and others provide habitats for insects, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds – including endangered species like the piping plover and the whooping crane. Wetlands slow the flow of spring melts and rains, which decreases soil erosion and downstream flooding.

Wetlands support our economy in many ways as well.  For example, ranchers depend on wetlands for livestock watering and our tourism industry benefits from pristine aquatic recreation areas. And wetlands provide wonderful natural science learning opportunities for kids of all ages.

Despite the many benefits, we lose over 10,000 acres of wetlands each year in Saskatchewan, mostly through agricultural drainage, but also as a result of urban growth and industrial activities. You can help reverse this trend. Go to for more information.

Looking for more information? Check out our fact sheets: Make Your Voice Heard; When Wetlands are Destroyed, We All Lose; and Wetlands Strengthen Saskatchewan’s Sustainability.