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Explore Wetlands on Prince Edward Island

Explore a local wetland to relax and connect with the outdoors. Click below to learn about beautiful wetland destinations, ready for your visit any time of year.

Portage Wildlife Management Area

This low-lying area spans both sides of Highway 2 where you can explore a variety of habitats including beaver flowages, shrub woodlands and managed wetlands. The land is open to the public and owned by the Province of PEI and Ducks Unlimited Canada. Make sure you pack your binoculars when you go; there's a lot of wildlife to see! Trails, Hidden gem. Portage, PE.

Mount Stewart Wildlife Management Area

Ducks Unlimited Canada manages three freshwater wetlands in this wildlife management area, including the Allisary Creek Wetland, a freshwater habitat that's home to common and not-so-common wildlife species like ruddy ducks and common terns. The property is owned and managed by the Province of PEI. Trails, Hidden gem. Mount Stewart, PE.

Forest Hill Wildlife Management Area

Doc's Marsh (417 acres/169 hectares) and Whitlock's Pond (212 acres/86 hectares) were restored by Ducks Unlimited Canada and today support recreation such as angling, hunting, boating and bird watching. Pull on your boots and head out to enjoy the woodland trails managed by the Province of PEI. Maintained trails, Dedication cairn, Fishway. Forest Hill, PE.

Our work in Prince Edward Island

Our work in Prince Edward Island

Wetlands in PEI provide critical habitat for millions of migrating waterfowl. They buffer high tides & storms that cause erosion & flooding.

Stories from Prince Edward Island

Stories from Prince Edward Island

Read about our work to ensure abundant wetlands and waterfowl on Prince Edward Island.

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