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Rescue Our Wetlands, Science

Win a trip to Ducks University

Social media contest invites you to experience wetlands, waterfowl and conservation with the best in the field.

March 07, 2016
Win a trip to Ducks University
The winner of the Rescue Our Wetlands contest will join DUC at Ducks University in 2016. © DUC

Every day, DUC staff and volunteers are hard at work, conserving Canada’s natural places. It’s incredible work that takes us to all corners of the country and brings us face to face with some of nature’s most remarkable creatures.

Each year, DUC and Ducks Unlimited Inc. (our American counterpart) round up their top biologists to host a weekend event to share these incredible experiences. Ducks University is the ultimate field trip, taking you into the wetlands, up close with wildlife, and behind the scenes to understand the science that makes conservation possible.


This spring, we are inviting one Canadian along to earn an honorary degree in Duckology! That invitation is reserved for the winner of the Rescue Our Wetlands social media contest.

The format is simple. Use your imagination and creativity to express why Canada needs to do more to Rescue Our Wetlands. It can take the form of a video, song, art piece, poem, craft or any other creative expression you choose. Then share your piece with us on Facebook (post it on our page) or on Twitter (include @ducanada). You’ll receive one entry for your post, and one entry for every time it’s shared or retweeted.

The Rescue Our Wetlands is open for the month of March. See the official contest rules for more information.

Ducks University will take place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, May 20 – 22, 2016.  The prize will include travel, accommodation and meal expenses to accompany the invitation to Ducks University.

The theme for this contest coincides with the Rescue Our Wetlands conservation campaign – the largest conservation campaign in North America’s history. Learn how Rescue our Wetlands is changing the relationship people have with nature.

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