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Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

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Québec has an impressive diversity of wetland habitats, ranging from ponds or marshes influenced by tidal freshwater, as well as brackish and salt water, to swamps and bogs nourished by rainwater. These wetlands – along with the multitude of lakes, streams and riparian areas that border them – cover an area of ​​about 45 million hectares (or 27% of the province). Québec also has 6,000 km of sea shore in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Ungava Bay and Hudson Bay. Among these habitats, the St. Lawrence River corridor is a clear priority area because of its abundance and diversity of wetlands and importance for millions of migratory birds.

Québec is important to:

This abundance of waterfowl is crucial to:

Despite the importance of these natural resources, four centuries of increased human activity have sometimes had devastating effects on wetlands and pressure on these habitats continues. Urban sprawl and land development continues at an increasing rate. From 70% to 90% of wetlands have disappeared in Quebec urban and agricultural areas, due mainly to:

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