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Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

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Home to some of the most productive waterfowl habitat in North America, Saskatchewan is a waterfowl destination like no other. Located in grassland plains and rolling parklands to our immense boreal forest, Saskatchewan’s wetlands support vast numbers of breeding waterfowl and provide prime habitat for an abundance of other wildlife populations.

Did you know that the most ducks in North America breed in Saskatchewan?

Every spring, 70% of the waterfowl in North America migrate to what is known as “the prairie pothole region” of the northern United States, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, to nest, raise young and molt. Areas like the Missouri Coteau and the Allan/Dana Hills of Saskatchewan contain the some of the highest waterfowl breeding densities on the continent.

Despite the fact that wetlands are one of the most biologically-diverse ecosystems on the planet – second only to rainforests – Saskatchewan’s wetlands are one of the most threatened landscapes in the country. We lose 28 acres of wetlands per day in Saskatchewan. In some areas of the province, over 90% of these wetlands have already been lost or severely degraded.

Our wetland conservation programs provide a solution.

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